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Thank you for checking out the posting guidelines! This should help you to get started with using the forums and the blogs.

What's the difference between a blog post and a forum post?

The forums are generally used if you would like to connect with the community - you could do this by asking a question, sharing some news, or jokes, or resources.

The blogs are for if you would like to share a longer post about your knowledge, your point of view, or share an experience you've had.

What are the posting guidelines for FORUMS?

The forum guidelines are simple: Be sociable, be respectable, and don't spam or "hijack" posts.

What are the posting guidelines for BLOGS?


We would love to have your blog post if:

  • It is a "how-to" post, or a tutorial about a particular topic
  • It will inspire or educate the members of our community about a topic
  • It is an interview, review or recommendation
  • It shares your opinion of something in the writing industry


Short, "Facebook" quality posts of 2-3 sentences that don't say anything of substance.  A "me, too!" in the forums can be a good way of acknowledging what someone else has written and bonding over it, and that's fine. Collectively, it spurs conversation. But original posts that are, well, devoid of original thought are not what we're striving for here.

If you do a lot of that you may be reminded by a moderator that we want to hear and read a deeper contribution from you than that. 

We do not accept excerpts of posts, or posts that continue on your personal blog - full posts only, please. 


Please try to credit any images you use. Once you upload an image, you can add a credit by clicking the image, then "Edit", then add the url of where you found the image from. 


Please do not post a blog post simply as an advertisement for your own company. Relevant links are acceptable, but not in an excessive manner.

If your blog post is good, people will want to check out what you're about anyway - you don't need to spam them with your latest offers or incredible discounts.

Please don't promote any competitions in the blogs section. (You are, however, allowed to post competitions in our event calendar, or in the forums.)

Lastly, do not add a post that is not original and 100% your own content. 

Thank you!

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