E-Novelist Workshops - 2014

Thanks for your interest in our creative writing workshops! You've come to the right place if you're looking for a safe, secure environment to help you get to the next level of your writing career. 

Join for one month, (£20) three months, (£60), six months (£100), or one year (£150). 

You can access the workshop immediately after you buy, and have the ability to study the materials at your own pace with instructor guidance all the way. Below is a list of which workshops are currently available and what to expect from us. 

Current Workshops

"Writing Fiction"  - with Susi Moore

This workshop will help you through every aspect of writing your novel, from beginning to end. Just how exactly do you grab your reader's attention in 1½ seconds? What are the benefits of plotting ahead? This workshop has it all!

"My writing exercises are fun, intensive, and designed specifically to tease out your creative juices. I believe everyone has a unique voice to offer and I mean to bring it out!" - Susi Moore


"Literary Fiction" - with Stephanie Lennox [Coming Soon]

This workshop is aimed at those who wish to add true meaning and finesse to their works. We will be examining the greatest literary works of all time, what it takes to win a Nobel Prize, and much more.

"Literary Fiction doesn't have to be hard, or a mystery. This workshop will teach you how to delve into the deeper aspects of characterisation, point-of-view, and many other themes that will turn your next work into a literary masterpiece." - Stephanie Lennox

"Short Stories and Novellas" - with Carole Fowkes

This workshop will help you write a compelling short story or novella. Beyond learning the difference between short stories, novellas, and novels, you’ll learn how to write specifically for these briefer forms of literature. This workshop discusses in depth the vital components of any successful story, including plotting, and the creation and development of vivid characters. 

“My exercises not only reinforce what you’ve learned but can help you get past the ‘I want-to-write’ stage to the ‘I-write’ stage." - Carole Fowkes


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