Authorship Week!

To celebrate the launch of The Authorship Program - a personal development workshop specifically designed for writers - we are hosting Authorship Week, a week of free online events!

Throughout the week you will learn why this workshop will save you time, energy, and well as giving you the resources to devote yourself to your true passions.

We aim to help 10,000 writers become authors this year...will you be one of them?

What's On:

21st January - "Pinspire Me!" Pinterest Party (Awards will be given!)

22nd January - "Breaking Your Writing Barriers" Twitter Party (+ Giveaway with Beth Barany)

23rd January - "Authorship Marketing" Linkedin+ Party - (+ Prizes from renowned editor Susan Uttendorfsky)

24th January - "Generating Ideas" Facebook Party (+ Lots of free resources!)

25th January - LAUNCH OF THE AUTHORSHIP PROGRAM! (Hall Of Fame Induction + Live Workshop for new AP Members!)

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Link to The Authorship Program "About" Page  ----->

Link to The Authorship Program Workshop ----->

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There's no way I'm missing #authorshipweek! A week of online parties, free advice and life-changing clarity!

The Authorship Program aims to help 10,000 writers become authors this year...I want to be one of them, do you?

I’m making 2013 my best year EVER! Starting with #authorshipweek: a free week of online fun for writers! Join me!

Enrich your creative writing, marketing skills, social skills and your productivity for FREE at Authorship Week!

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