About The Program

What's it all about?

The Authorship Program is a personal development workshop specifically designed to help writers increase their productivity, improve their social media marketing, and develop their own personal development plans. 

This workshop will help you release your fears by connecting you with a positive, empowering support network of people that are fully dedicated to supporting YOUR art.  

You can join the group for a period of 1, 3, 6 or 12 months. It doesn't automatically renew, so you're not tied down to any large commitments. Everyone gets the same incredible standard of coaching from our instructors!

Once you join the group, you'll be granted instant access to all of our materials, no matter what subscription you choose. From there you can get started straight away. The straight-forward categories (shown below) are used for the main group page so you will be able to find exactly what you want, when you want it. 

What Are The Benefits of Joining The Program?

  • Unlimited support.  Sometimes it's just nice to know that you have a place to go to where you will always receive a response. We are your safety zone, your personal security, your critique partners, your family.
  • Expert Opinions.  You'll receive serious critique and feedback on your latest work from fellow authors and experienced professionals, whenever you need it, as well as real life case studies to keep you motivated, inspired and wanting more. 
  • Resources.  Everyone in the group has access to different resources and networks. We can offer you opportunities to learn from others, read exclusive interviews tailored specifically for this group, view thousands of link collections and free stuff for writers, as download as our unique marketing packages which are all included in the program.
  • Accountability.  Sometimes it's hard to be the boss of your own life, and more often than not, things just never get done. But when you know you have a friend waiting to read your next excerpt, or someone actively cheering you on as you achieve your goals? That can make all the difference. We use a range of different methods here to help you find the perfect writing partners, critique buddies and more. 

The Program:

  • A Deeper Insight To YOU - Describe exactly what you would like to get out of this group, tell us your personal goals, and we will try our best to offer you honest advice, and help you on your journey.
  • Weekly Check-In- We do a weekly check-in every Sunday, so let us know how you're progressing with your personal goals. We'll help you to stay on track, and promise to help those who haven't checked in for a while.

  • General Discussion - Feel free to talk about anything here, writing related or not.

  • Authorship Therapy - Bring a question, problem or frustration you are experiencing and we'll figure out the best ways to help you, get you motivated, and move you forward.

  • Latest News & Events - From time to time we may have special news to tell the group, which will be posted in this section. If you have an event coming up, you can post it here.
  • Traditional Publishing - Do you want to get published the traditional way? This section covers all the best tips and resources to help you get the publishing deal you always dreamed of.
  • Independent Publishing - This is a section for indie writers, and those that want to be. We share experiences, good and bad, to help you get the best ways to get your novel published.
  • Share Your Successes - This is a place to revel in the things that you are GOOD at. Share positive quotes you've come across - or your latest successes, no matter how small. You might just inspire someone.
  • Negative Reviews and Rejection Letters: You Are Not Alone - A place of reassurance and motivation to keep moving forward, despite the naysayers. Practical advice, personal guidance and a place to hear the stories of others.
  • Support My Art - A place to ask for help if you need it, whether you need us to vote or "like" or join something. Remember to give and not just receive.
  • The AP Marketing Guide - A place for practical, helpful tips and resources on how to use social media and how it can help to build your author platform - by Stephanie Lennox and special industry experts from around the web. Ask questions and receive some great tips and advice.
  • Time Management For Writers - Do you feel like you are struggling to find time to write, or just can't seem to strike a good balance? This is a series of practical lessons, tips and ideas for you to use your time more effectively. 
  • Critique, Feedback & Suggestions - Share your work in this secure area and receive honest, helpful feedback from your fellow writers.  


"The Authorship Program" was created by Stephanie Lennox and is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported License. Thieves will be prosecuted. 

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